What type of elevators do you offer at Wisconsin Sales and Service?

We offer both hydraulic and winding drum solutions from Waupaca Elevator Company. There are car styles to match any décor style and options to fit a range of budgets.

How large of an elevator car can I get?

Waupaca Elevator can make a car up to 15 square feet to fit new construction or retrofit projects. Common sizes are 54 inches by 40 inches and 60 inches by 36 inches. A standard car’s height is 7 feet. Custom heights of 8 feet or higher are possible.

How much maintenance is required?

Home Elevators, chairlifts and platforms lifts regardless of usage, should be inspected and serviced once a year to ensure that all of the safeties are working properly. As the elevator ages 10 years plus, inspection and service should be performed twice per every year. Properly maintaining your elevator will prevent major and costly repairs down the road.

Who installs these products?

Wisconsin Sales and Service has trained personnel to install our full range of accessibility products.

Who performs the service?

​Wisconsin Sales and Service has trained experts that perform inspections and service for all accessibility products.